Department of Physics

            Břehová 7, 115 19 Praha 1, Tel: +420 2 2231 7661
            Fax: +420 2 2232 0861, e-mail:

            Head: Prof. Ing. Jiří Tolar, DrSc.
            Academic staff: 15 (3 professors, 5 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, l research assistant)
            Other: 7 (temporary staff), external lecturers

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes (main courses):

  • First year - Mechanics, Heat, Electricity and magnetism, Experimental physics I
  • Second year - Waves, optics and atomic physics, Thermodynamics and statistical physics, Experimental physics II (including Laboratories), Theoretical physics (classical)
  • Third year - Quantum mechanics, Nuclear physics
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth year - Special courses in the curricula of Mathematical physics and Experimental nuclear physics
    The first and second year courses in physics belong to the foundations on which most studies and research in the Faculty are built. They comprise a complete course of general physics and additional courses in experimental and theoretical physics. Introductory courses in physics are offered to students of nuclear chemistry. The Department's teachers are also engaged in Master´s Degree and Doctoral programmes in the fields of theoretical and mathematical physics and experimental nuclear and particle physics. A course in the History of Physics is also given.
Research Activities:
Research work in mathematical physics is carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and several universities and institutes abroad. Information on current research activities can be found on the web pages of the Department of Physics ( and of the Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics ( which, since 1993, serves as a research and education centre of FNSPE in collaboration with the Czech Academy of Sciences (see the pages devoted to the Doppler Institute). Most of the research is related to quantum mathematical physics, but the research in computer simulation of particle motion in plasma physics is also included.
Research activities in the Nuclear Physics Group of the Physics Department are oriented mainly on experiments in nuclear and particle physics. They are carried out in cooperation with CERN (Experiment ATLAS on LHC), LNS Saclay (experiments on polarization of nucleons in N-N elastic scattering), LAL Orsay and JINR Dubna (investigation of double beta decay), JINR Dubna and ILL Grenoble (experimental study of rare elements nuclei by radiative neutron capture) as well as with other universities and institutes abroad. Available equipment and instrumentation are also used for the development of semiconductor detectors and analytical applications of alpha and gamma spectroscopy (
The research in both areas is coordinated at CTU under the Research Plan "Mathematical Methods and Fundamental Experiments in the Microworld", MSM 210000018.


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