Science and Research

FNSPE consists of ten departments (Mathematics, Physics, Languages, Solid State Engineering, Physical Electronics, Materials, Nuclear Chemistry, Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Reactors, Software Engineering in Economy), several laboratories (Training Nuclear Reactor, Computational, Radiochemical, …), the Central Faculty Library with an Audio-Visual Section, Central Workshop and other services.

The Academic staff, both teachers and scientists, number about 120 and the supporting staff 100. As a rule, the scientific and research staff are engaged in teaching, especially supervising the students' research projects and giving special courses.

The Faculty is a dynamic scientific and research centre working in the border areas between modern science and its applications in engineering. Its laboratories are equipped with several large research facilities, such as the VR-1 training nuclear reactor, the scanning electron microscope, high power laser systems, etc.

In 2005, about 110 research projects were in progress. Scientists from the Faculty are invited to present papers at conferences worldwide and they are also involved in or directly supported by grants from the U.S.A, Germany, United Kingdom, France, the European Community, and Russia. More than 20 universities and international scientific institutions cooperate with or support research at the Faculty. The best doctoral students have been awarded scholarships at universities abroad.

The Faculty research staff are also engaged in teaching and especially in supervising student research projects, which form a part of the departments’ research. Due to the training received, the graduates possess good skills in various experimental techniques and computer modelling, and their theoretical and methodical background is broad enough for versatile careers in research, engineering, informatics, management, etc.


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