Department of Nuclear Reactors

V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 221 912 384
Fax: +420 284 680 764

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Staff of the Department of Nuclear Reactors:

Head of the Department: Doc. Ing. Ľubomír Sklenka, Ph.D.
Deputy: Ing. Jan Rataj, Ph.D.
Administrator: Ing. Tomáš Bílý, Ph.D.
Secretary: Zdeňka Chaberová, Milada Janková
Academic and Technical Workers: Ing. Tomáš Bílý
Mgr. Jaroslav Bouda
Ing. Filip Fejt
Emily Frame
Ing. Jan Frýbort, Ph.D.
Ing. Lenka Heraltová, Ph.D.
Prof. Bedřich Heřmanský
Ing. Ondřej Huml, Ph.D.
Ing. Dušan Kobylka, Ph.D.
Doc. Ing. Martin Kropík, CSc.
Ing. Evžen Losa
Prof. Marcel Miglierini, Sc.D.
Ing. Jan Rataj, Ph.D.
Doc. Ing. Ľubomír Sklenka, Ph.D.
Ing. Milan Štefánik
Ing. Miloš Tichý, CSc.
Ing. Lukáš Závorka
Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zeman, CSc.
Technical maintenance: Vojtěch Fornůsek
Martin Kokta
Vladimír Konůpka
Ing. Radovan Starý
Marek Šedlbauer
Titles: Doc. - Associate Professor, Ing.(Mgr.) - MSc, CSc. - Ph.D.

Science and research activities in the Department deal with the problems of theoretical and experimental reactor physics including the issue of new accelerator driven transmutation technologies (ADTT), staff training programme, digital control of research reactors, teaching programme design, safe and reliable performance of nuclear facilities including environmental aspects, and other, non nuclear prospective energy sources.

The Department ensures the operation and organizes the usage of the VR-1 school reactor Sparrow. It is a unique facility in our whole educational sector. Teaching/learning at the reactor (such as educational tours with practical demonstrations, various experimental tasks, training courses) are provided not only to the department´s own students, but also to other students from about 15 different faculties of Czech Universities and to an increasing number of secondary schools. The reactor´s premises are well equipped with measuring and computing technology providing high quality support for teaching and research work. The Department cooperates with several other foreign universities equipped with similar nuclear facilities (TU Budapest,TU Vienna, TU Delft etc).

The Department of Nuclear Reactors
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