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The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) was established in 1955, as part of the Charles University, but in 1959 became a new special faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The establishment of the Faculty was connected with the beginning of a new era of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. A complex approach to all nuclear branches was intended, so specialists from universities, technological institutions, and industry were brought together to comply with this task. Later, newly developed areas of physics application, e.g. plasma and solid state physics, lasers, cosmic research, etc., were included in the Faculty curricula.

The characteristics of the Faculty activities developed during its history, and the most advanced areas of technological progress have always attracted its attention. Students with a special interest in mathematics were taught individually, and, subsequently, the study of mathematical engineering was established. In the last fifteen years the rapidly developing branches of mathematical and software engineering, interdisciplinary application to ecology, medicine, economy, archeology have been also evolved. The Faculty is equipped with several large research facilities, such as the VR-1 training nuclear reactor, scanning electron microscopes, high power laser systems, computational and advanced radiochemical laboratories, satellite laser ranging station (Helwan, Egypt), etc.


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